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Terrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay) Nov 28th 2008

November 29th, 2008 · 2 Comments

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Terrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay) Nov 26th 2008 The Begining

Terrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay) Nov 27th 2008 The Battle Continues

Important Helpline Numbers of different hospitals, consulates, blood bank.

List of People Injured and Shot Dead by Terrorists in Mumbai

The terrorists have attacked the town area (south bombay) this time. Two of the best hotels Taj and Oberoi are where the terrorists have taken hostage and gunshots were fired. This has been a coordinated terrorist attack with terrorists have fired gunshots and thrown grenades at multiple places at the same time (CST station, Metro, Cama hospital, Mazegaon dockyard road).

Areas under attack:

  • Taj Hotel
  • Oberoi Hotel
  • Nariman House at Colaba

28th Nov 2008

Why the hell are the politicians creating more stress for Police by coming to Mumbai! Yesterday we had to wait for 30 min just to get out of our lane cause police had cordoned entire area since our dear Sonia Gandhi was coming to Mumbai. Their presence is not necessary! We can do without you Jerks coming here.

  • NSG Commandos have been air dropped at Nariman House at Colaba [9:00 am]
  • Oberoi hotel still under siege
  • Heavy firing at Nariman House at Colaba [9:24 am]
  • Encounter scene shifts to Old Taj hotel, army battling 2-3 terrorists
  • One terrorist grievously injured
  • NSG: Operation at Taj hotel and Oberoi hotel may take time.
  • 15-16 hostages still at Taj hotel
  • Taj hotel new building has been cleared
  • Hostages evacuated from Oberoi-Trident hotel in two batches
  • Hostages taken to trauma center
  • 30 hostages of those evacuated from Oberoi-Trident in first batch, most are foreigners
  • NSG: 1 Commando Killed
  • Fresh Firing, Explosions heard at Nariman house at Colaba [12:20pm]
  • Fresh Firing heard at the Taj hotel [12:21pm]
  • NSG close in on the terrorist holed up at Nariman house 3rd floor [12:22pm]
  • 93 people evacuated from Oberoi-Trident hotel, lot of them were foreigners
  • Maharashtra CM Vilasrao visits Oberoi-Trident Hotel. [STAY AWAY U VOTE SEEKERS] [12:40pm]
  • MARCOS: Terrorist aware of Taj hotel layout, Terrorist were carrying AK series rifle, 30 bodies found from one hall at Taj hotel [12:53pm]
  • Firing heard outside GT hospital, CST Station [1:20pm]
  • Firing heard outside RBI headquaters
  • NSG: Trident and Oberoi hotel under control [2:30pm]
  • Multiple explosions at Taj hotel
  • 20 additional NSG commandos sent to Nariman house at colaba
  • Toll free number for Oberoi-Trident hotel: 1800 11 21 22/011 2389 2555 [3:25pm]
  • Toll free number for Taj Hotel: 1800 111 825
  • Large quantity of RDX found at Taj hotel [3:30pm]
  • Commandos engage terrorist at Nariman house at Colaba
  • Multiple explosions heard at Taj hotel [3:35pm]
  • 6 Hostages coming out of Taj hotel [4:25]
  • 2 huge explosions heard at Nariman house at Colaba
  • NSG uses grenade launcher to smoke out terrorist from Taj hotel [5:30pm]
  • Huge blast at Nariman house [5:41pm]
  • Commandos breach wall near Nariman [5:50pm]
  • Encounter at Nariman house appears to be OVER [6:20pm]
  • Operation Cyclone still on at Taj hotel [23:50pm]

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