Back in 2005 (June 24th to be precise) I was talking to Poonam when she said “Another day another dollar” and this is what i wrote… Its the most depressing thing i have written though 😉

Another day another dollar
that’s all my life is now
work nite and day for that extra dollar

Another day another dollar
all I wanted was a wife and a beautiful daughter

Another day another dollar
all I want is a loving arm round my collar

Days went by turned into years
got caught in the race
that extra dollar was all I chased

I wonder what I hv got except an empty life
inspite of everything the dollar has bought

Another day another dollar
wish I looked around
laughed a little more
let my greed not take over for that extra dollar
now I am here all alone with nothin but that dollar

No where to go nothing to do
one life one chance I had I blew

Another day another dollar
dont make me glad
waiting for death to get me and set me free.

At the moment this is reality for lot of us… hope we are able to break free.