Howdy! My B’day turned out to be not so bad after all. A few people did visit the blog and left their comments.

I am trying to find a kickass WordPress Photogallery plugin but no luck yet.

Installed AwSomPixGallery but it kept giving me error. I dont think its compatible with the latest version.

Tried WPG2. Now that required me to first install Gallery2. Its not as quick to install as WP. 11 installation steps later I had the gallery installed. Figured out a way to mass upload images but hated the theme.  Next step activate the Plugin in WP but the blog went for a toss! So have deactivated it for the time being and gonna start my hunt for the perfect photogallery again.

Worse come to worse i am just gonna write my own! 🙂

Done some changes to the theme. Added our custom footer which appears on all the ithub websites. Also added a random image display on the sidebar. Am gonna search for one where images scroll or change every few seconds.

If you do know of a good Photogallery plugin for WP (non flash/ajax) drop me a line with the link.

Am out of here for now.

ps: I think i am the only one on this earth who has not yet seen The Dark Knight yet!