I never expected the kinda response i got for this post “Design your own Personalised Tshirt!”.

To show my appreciation to all the readers of this blog i bring this special offer along with Pringoo!

I have with me 3 coupons from Pringoo which will entitle you 50% Discount.

To win one of these coupons all you have to do is Comment on this post and refer it to your friends too. Your friends will have to put your name as referrer in the comment.

So what are you going to comment about?

1) Best Caption for a Tshirt Or

2) I love this blog because… Or

3) Just comment on anything 🙂

The coupons are valid till Nov 19th 2008. So i will accept all entries till Nov 16th 2008.

Please put in your correct email address as thats where I will email you your Coupon.


ps: A special thanks to Jai Kumar – Cofounder @ Pringoo.