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Terrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay) Nov 26th 2008 The Begining

Terrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay) Nov 27th 2008 The Battle Continues

Terrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay) Nov 28th 2008 2 down 1 to go

Important Helpline Numbers of different hospitals, consulates, blood bank.

List of People Injured and Shot Dead by Terrorists in Mumbai

Areas under attack:

  • Taj Hotel – Operation Cyclone still on
  • Oberoi Hotel – Now Secured
  • Nariman House at Colaba – Now Secured

29th Nov 2009

Nariman house at Colaba is finally secured. 5 hostages and 2 terrorists were killed during the operation officially named “Black Tornado“.

Earlier in the day all hostages from Oberoi-Trident hotel were rescued and terrorists killed. One thing which scares me is that the terrorists were well dressed and spoke good english… they could have easily escaped along with other hostages…

From what i have heard the number of people shot dead in Oberoi hotel is far more from what appears and is seen in the TV channels.

Operation Cyclone” is currently underway at Taj hotel

  • NSG Terrorist changing position inside Taj hotel [00:23 am]
  • 3-4  Terrorist could be holed up at Taj hotel
  • Two terrorist cornered by NSG commandos [00:34]
  • Operation Cyclone is still on. 3 terrorist killed in Taj heritage wing [9:10am]
  • Terrorist had 15kg of RDX on them. Plan was to blow up Taj hotel
  • Death toll at 195! [1:00 pm]
  • The saga ends!