I never ever thought i would say this but i am in love with the new iPhone. The interface is kickass! Its quick, flawless UI and looks good. I was bowled over by the browsing experience much better then anything i have seen till date on a phone. I hope it starts supporting flash files asap!

Compared to HTC Diamond which has a similar UI but is slow in its response. Wondering why would one spend roughly 27k for a 4gb HTC Diamond when i can get a 8gb iPhone for 28k.

I tried using the touch keyboard on the iPhone i guess its matter of time for one to get used to it. I am gonna look over of what one cant do with an iPhone. Also i didnt find the touch keyboards so happening on other touch phones available.

Having said all this i am still not gonna buy it 🙂 Three reasons

1) I already have 2 phone (Nokia e61i and Motorola Razr) and i am happy with both of them

2) iPhone is bloody EXPENSIVE!

3) Where the hell is 3G in India!

I need to compare it with Nokia E71 which is a kickass phone but the screen size is smaller compared to both iPhone or Nokia E61i which is a bummer. But yeah the phone is super fast and quick in its response. And i am hooked to the qwerty keypad which is fantastic as i do a lot of emailing from the phone.

Wondering how many people have actually bought the iPhone and what their feedback is…