Sept 9th: As usual i was just catching up on my mail at night. Dont know why but decided to check twitter feeds. Was surprised to see a tweet from Guy Kawasaki posting a pic of the bombay airport! I quickly smsed a few people if they knew why was he here and if there was a chance to meet him. In less then 30 min I got 2 phone calls a couple of sms and msgs.

Sept 10th: I had decided that i will follow the tweets religiously to figure out whats happening. Was surprised that Guy Kawasaki was at pinstorm! Wanted to call Asfaq and Netra if I can drop in for a bit 😉

The tweet meet was happening at Oberoi @ 7pm. Thanks to Netra who had arranged for everything and kept the entire community in loop. I ran from bookshop to bookshop to get my hands on “The Art of the Start” but no one had it. That was really disappointing coz i was reallly looking forward to get his autograph.

The meet was alright. Didnt get the Gyan which I guess everyone was expecting. Guy talked a lot about Alltop and how twitter was helping him reach out and spread the word.  For Guy Alltop was most gratifying after macintosh. He did clear some myths that he was among the first few employees.

Some things i clearly remember from the 2 hour odd meet…

Evangelism comes from the greek word which means Spread the good message/word.

Guy is hooked to Posterous and loves the fact that you can just email it and viola its live and that it automatically creates slideshows and that you can send any kind of file be it mp3/video or plain jpegs.

Manan asked if there was any bad blood between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Guy said there was nothing really like that and that apple depended a lot on MS Office and the relation between the two were cordial.

“Enemies are less important to one as one gets Old”

Which made so much sense. That got me thinking and i was like o yeah its true lot of people i really hated earlier i was pretty ok and cordial with them now.

Also there was a small discussion on whether people love to follow up through RSS feeds or Email. 1500 off people have subscribed for email alerts of Guy’s blog and around 181,000 for RSS feed updates. But Guy doesnt agree or trust the numbers thrown by feedburner.

Some trivia: Nah he doesnt get any product free from apple. But he does get some discounts and doesnt have to wait up in a Q for the iphone 😉

If you are listed on and are spreading the good word about it chances are you will move up the ranks easily.

After the meetup it was great eating pizzas at Pizzeria with Manan, Aditya, Asfaq, Netra, Mitesh and gang!

Truly a fantastic day!