Its been great fun reading the comments on the post “Win 50% discount Coupons for Customised TShirts at Pringoo

Thanks a ton everyone for commenting and spreading the word! I liked a couple of comments and the winners are:

I am going to mail you the Coupon which is valid till Nov 19th 2008.

Winners if you are not going to use the coupon do let me know I can pass it to someone else.

Good news is that everyone else gets 20% Discount at Pringoo!

You will have to use the code “PRING52KNL“. It will expire on Nov 21st 2008, starting from Nov 18th 2008.

If you guys thought that this offer was good… Wait for a couple of more days for another kickass offer coming just for you!

Thanks to Sathya for retweeting about the contest a couple of times!