Laura is my first chat friend. I know her for like 10 years now! We are not in touch as much as we would like thanks to the hectic work schedule. Anyways here is something i had written for her long back.

In a far off land
i hv a friend

In the land of kangaroos she stays
i hope to india a visit she pays

Her name is laura n her nick is sunshine
to know her the pleasure is all mine

Shes tall, pretty and smart
and has a generous heart.

I write to her when i am down and out
she peps me up to fight the bout

She understands me so well
at times i dont even hv to tell

She can fill my day with joy and laughter
i am always happy thereafter

I kn her now for a couple of years
and she knows my strength and fears

We have seen each other through glory and pain
my best wishes for u will always remain

I have loads of work to do
but when u need me i will be there for u

I hv her snap on my softboard at place
always i can see her smiling face