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9/11/08 I ask a friend to buy the book “The art of the start” and send it to me. He was told that it was the last piece they had. phew! I leave at 6:30pm for Oberoi. I reach and as usual i go to Trident and am told to take the stairs and blah […]

Guy Kawasaki – The Meetup

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Sept 9th: As usual i was just catching up on my mail at night. Dont know why but decided to check twitter feeds. Was surprised to see a tweet from Guy Kawasaki posting a pic of the bombay airport! I quickly smsed a few people if they knew why was he here and if there […]

Good Morning Teacher!

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I been blessed to have three teachers to guide me till date. First one was coincidence… I got admissions in Computer Science and i was like what the hell i dont want to do Computer Science there is absolutely no future in it. I applied for a change to Electronic stream. But i had to […]

In Love with iPhone

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I never ever thought i would say this but i am in love with the new iPhone. The interface is kickass! Its quick, flawless UI and looks good. I was bowled over by the browsing experience much better then anything i have seen till date on a phone. I hope it starts supporting flash files […]

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