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Happy Birthday Old Man!

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3 Years to make a post! I think i forget about the blog most of the times… Of my past goals, i did launch my first app GottaGo… and it feels good to get it out finally! This year there are a couple of things i need to do… Go back to school! Yes the […]

Happy Birthday Mr. K!

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I have been lazy and how! Let’s see how the year was… Fantastic i should say… I am a father now… Best thing to happen to me in a long time… I am being taught the art of being patient by Sheth Jr… Except for the regular Bombay-Delhi trips i haven’t really traveled anywhere… I […]

Happy Birthday!

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Wow… just 5 posts since my last birthday… that’s not something i should be proud about 🙂 What have i been doing? The year seems to have passed by really fast… There have been loads of changes in my life both personally and professionally… some good some bad… My parents finally moved to a new […]

Handwriting Analysis? I am spooked!

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I never thought i will get my handwriting analyzed… well for one i never believed one would be able to give proper analysis just on basis how one writes… I have known Suman Kalra for a while… though we have not really interacted much i was intrigued about her profession… the other day we were […]

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