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Handwriting Analysis? I am spooked!

April 10th, 2010 · 5 Comments

I never thought i will get my handwriting analyzed… well for one i never believed one would be able to give proper analysis just on basis how one writes… I have known Suman Kalra for a while… though we have not really interacted much i was intrigued about her profession… the other day we were talking about it and she agreed to do a free analysis of my handwriting… i was asked to write a couple of lines (no copy paste from anywhere) and sign twice…

This is what i sent her…

And this was her reply… Which spooked me completely!

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To MBA or not?

March 12th, 2010 · 2 Comments

On a recent flight to Ahmedabad on my way to attend a workshop on “Managing IT Projects” at the mecca of b school’s iim-a, I had an oppurtunity to read the jan issue of Harvard Business Review Asia.

The article “the best performing ceos in the world” caught my eye. Of the 50 ceos mentioned 35 of them didn’t have a mba degree! On average the top 50 ceos increased the wealth of their shareholders by $48.2 billion.

It was found ceos who were promoted from inside the company tended to have stronger performance than those brought in from the outside.

I do have a couple of friends who have got their b school degrees and bring a lot of value on the table. Their thinking is more progressive and better equipped to deal with challenges… The question I would want to ask is how important do you think a mba degree is? Since I don’t have one it would be difficult for me to comment on this but am curious.

I shall blog about my experience soon… tilll then do drop in your views…


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[How To] Convert .nbu files to .vcf format

October 28th, 2009 · 56 Comments

I have been using two phones till date – Motorola Razr and Nokia e71. Both the phones had its own contact list with a slight overlap. So when i recently bought Samsung c5212 dual sim phone I was left stranded when i tried to import the contacts using the Samsung PC Suite. Samsung reads only .nbf, .lef, .WAB, .csv or .vcf [vCard ] files.

I had taken backup of my nokia e71 through the Nokia PC Suite and it had stored files in the .nbu [nokia back up] format. I tried searching for some application which would convert .nbu files to the one Samsung supported. The closest application is Noki soft but the free version allows you to export just 50 contacts! The full version is available for $49.5.

noki soft

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My Dual Sim Samsung C5212 Phone

October 26th, 2009 · 4 Comments

I have been carrying two phones for a while now… my trusted and favourite Motorola Razr and a borrowed nokia… Thanks to some mess up with the charger my Razr stopped working and i was left with one dead phone. It was about time i invested in a new phone… a little research convinced me that a Dual sim phone was a better option. There are not many companies which dish out dual sim phones. Surprisingly nokia has none! Samsung, Intex, Spice and Onida were the only options with price ranging from

Finally i settled for Samsung C5212. The phone looks smart and has better built quality compared to others… It was easy to set it up… put the 2 sims and it asks you which is going to be the default one. Its easy to change the order whenever you want at the touch of a key… thing i liked was it rebooted itself whenever that was done…

You can have different ringtones for both your numbers… it’s a really useful feature. If you’re worried about not knowing whether a call is for business or social reasons, it’s better to have an alert system in place. Once this is set up, and it’s easy enough to research how for other phone models if you’re got an O2 uk Mobile Broadband online connection handy to check it out
… and its easy to browse through the call log or messages and know for which number the call/message was for…

It comes with Samsung PC Studio which is like any other desktop phone app. Some of the things you can do are

  • Importing contacts from other phone
  • Managing SMS/MMS
  • Transferring music/files
  • Organiser (Scheduler, Todo, Memos)

I had a tough time importing contacts from my Nokia backup files (.nbu). The scheduler was excellent. was able to fill in some 70 odd entries in a couple of minutes…

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