Howdy! Everyone i know have had a tough time when they went to register a domain name for their unique and million dollar “Idea”. I personally have spent hours/days/nights to come up with a fantastic domain name. Everytime i thought i had it and would search for it BAM some one had booked it years back.

I have used various tools provided by domain registering websites but never have they come up with a good or close match to what i wanted.

The worst was when .me registration begin within hours anything and everything you can think of was gone!

90% of them are squatters. I doubt i will see any .me website coming up soon. people who would/could really do wonders with that particular domain and would add value to their idea are left high and dry.

But the search goes on 🙂 I still go and look for domains for my ideas and register them. Most of the times i am not lucky and have to come up with innovative ways to add some prefix/suffix and still have a cool domain.

I found this very interesting link “200 Prefixes and Suffixes for Domain Names” do check it up maybe it will ease the time to come up with a fantastic domain.

One piece of advice go and book (or any extention available) domains asap before someone else does. I am regretting not registering Sooner or later it will help. If nothing else you can put up your resume or start a blog.

Some tips are available here “12 Rules for Choosing Domain Names“.

Some sites where you can search and register your domain for cheap.

Some cheap hosting companies

Till later