Things I want to do in 2009

3 Jan 2009 In: General

I hate making new year resolutions… never been able to stick to it… But i would love to do these things

  • Work a little less
  • Spend more time reading
  • Travel
  • Make tons and tons of money
  • Watch more movies!
  • Walk
  • Drive my car
  • Learn 1 thing new
  • Spend time with my Parents
  • Blog a lot more
  • Drink more Water and Have meals on time
  • Sleep atleast thrice a week on time

Phew cant think of anything else yet… Lets see at the end of the year how much of this i have landed up doing 🙂


Thank You Everyone!

31 Dec 2008 In: General

Wow year  2008 comes to an end in a couple of minutes. I really don’t remember much except work work and more work…

Highlights of this year are:

  • Buying my first car. The Lancer. It took me a while though to actually drive it myself
  • Attending Protos in delhi
  • Being a part of the organising committee for Barcamp Mumbai
  • Meeting Guy Kawasaki
  • Trip to Bangalore in July
  • Getting my bottle of Baileys irish cream and Malibu courtesy Sids & Narmada
  • And of course starting my Blog!

Come to think of it not much really happened 🙂 Anyways looking for 2009! i already know that 2009 is going to be a important year for my family and me…

I want to thank everyone who has come to this blog. My parents, my bro and who ever is up there looking after me… I am glad that i can see,  hear, talk, walk, feel and everything else…



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29th Nov 2009

Nariman house at Colaba is finally secured. 5 hostages and 2 terrorists were killed during the operation officially named “Black Tornado“.

Earlier in the day all hostages from Oberoi-Trident hotel were rescued and terrorists killed. One thing which scares me is that the terrorists were well dressed and spoke good english… they could have easily escaped along with other hostages…

From what i have heard the number of people shot dead in Oberoi hotel is far more from what appears and is seen in the TV channels.

Operation Cyclone” is currently underway at Taj hotel

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