Got an email from Arpit with this snapshot. Worth a read for everyone… Its part of the Economic Times Awards for corporate excellence campaign.

I will just type a few lines

Wake Up India.

It’s Time To

Not Go To Work.

It’s Time To Get People

To Work For You.

Don’t Be An Engineer

Just Because You Have

A Degree In Engineering. Do What You

Think You’re Good At. And You’ll Be Good

At What You Think. Start Something

That’s Your Own. Where You Cant Be

Sacked. And You Certainly Can’t Quit.

Narayan Murthy, Founder and Chief Mentor Infosys

The Economic Times Award for Corporate Excellence

The Economic Times Award for Corporate Excellence

Extremely sorry for the delay in announcing the winners of the Inkfruit Tshirt contest. Some of the entries had 1/2 entries which were good but missed out on the 3rd one or some didnt have an Indian website… Thank you all for taking time to post a comment though…

The winners are

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Drupal. PITA. Avoid.

2 Mar 2009 In: How To's, Tech, Website

Manan writes the first Guest Post on my blog.  Manan is an engineering student who enjoys blogging. Spends majority of his time on the internet following tech blogs & tweeting. A fan of Microsoft & someone who hates Linux. 😀 He blogs at

Many blogs, many feeds. It becomes difficult to filter & follow. So was the idea behind me setting up website dedicated to Microsoft, the idea was simple – an aggregator & self posted content. Searched on the net for plugins for WordPress failing to find anything that would suit me I came across Drupal which had the “module” for feed aggregation. Having heard about Drupal in the past I decided to set it up & the rest is a painful history.

The pinch was felt quick, the admin mode is a maze. It requires a good amount of time to be spent in order to remember what is where. The jargon doesn’t make sense. For example tags, the world knows what they mean & their function but in Drupal they have “taxonomy” that’s used for categorization & tags. Upon realizing what “taxonomy” actually is begins the next challenge, that being of setting it up. Good luck with that. Make sure to do it right ‘coz you will have to push the limits of ease-of-use to edit them.

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Inkfruit gives away 3 TShirts Free!

18 Feb 2009 In: Contest

Way back in Oct 2008, I had done a post on Design your own Tshirts… I had written to every website i had mentioned and some of them got back to me and were nice enough to give away some freebies.

inkfruitInkfruit promised 3 tshirts free! Priyanka from Inkfruit has been after my life to get this post up and running. Priyanka 1000 apologies for the delay 🙂

So who should i give the 3 tshirts too? Give me 3 websites/blogs/forums which you think rocks!

Dont give me the cliche’d yahoo’s hotmail’s and gmail’s…
Has to be something which readers will appreciate reading/knowing about…
Do give a reason why you think the website is kewl according to you…
Brownie points if One of the three websites mentioned is an Indian website


  • – Good info for designers/freebies
  • – Good music/videos and games
  • – For all gadget freaks

The contest will be open for a week roughly and for People in India only. {Inkfruit will deliver it in India only}


All the best!

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