Howdy! Everyone i know have had a tough time when they went to register a domain name for their unique and million dollar “Idea”. I personally have spent hours/days/nights to come up with a fantastic domain name. Everytime i thought i had it and would search for it BAM some one had booked it years back.

I have used various tools provided by domain registering websites but never have they come up with a good or close match to what i wanted.

The worst was when .me registration begin within hours anything and everything you can think of was gone!

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WordPress Photogallery Woes!

6 Aug 2008 In: General, Wordpress

Howdy! My B’day turned out to be not so bad after all. A few people did visit the blog and left their comments.

I am trying to find a kickass WordPress Photogallery plugin but no luck yet.

Installed AwSomPixGallery but it kept giving me error. I dont think its compatible with the latest version.

Tried WPG2. Now that required me to first install Gallery2. Its not as quick to install as WP. 11 installation steps later I had the gallery installed. Figured out a way to mass upload images but hated the theme.  Next step activate the Plugin in WP but the blog went for a toss! So have deactivated it for the time being and gonna start my hunt for the perfect photogallery again.

Worse come to worse i am just gonna write my own! 🙂

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Happy B’day to me

4 Aug 2008 In: General

Hmmm everynite when i go to bed or when i am travelling to work during the day ofcourse, i have all this “things” which i want to blog about. But whenever i sit to write i go blank 😀 Since i had decided that no matter what i am gonna start blogging today no matter how crappy, here i am.

33 years have zoomed by… and i keep wondering what have i done/achieved with my life… there are times when i want to go back and change some moments/things/situations/do things… This last one year has been fantastic… i have started doing/working on things which i wanted to for a very long time without giving a damn what others will think.

What am i gonna be writing on this blog… i have absolutely no idea 🙂

I have no plans for today… except that i am gonna work on this blog and get it live.


Hello world!

29 Jun 2008 In: General

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Haha! well i have given myself more then a month to start posting… 4th August i will go live with a couple of posts if i can!

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