On a recent flight to Ahmedabad on my way to attend a workshop on “Managing IT Projects” at the mecca of b school’s iim-a, I had an oppurtunity to read the jan issue of Harvard Business Review Asia.

The article “the best performing ceos in the world” caught my eye. Of the 50 ceos mentioned 35 of them didn’t have a mba degree! On average the top 50 ceos increased the wealth of their shareholders by $48.2 billion.

It was found ceos who were promoted from inside the company tended to have stronger performance than those brought in from the outside.

I do have a couple of friends who have got their b school degrees and bring a lot of value on the table. Their thinking is more progressive and better equipped to deal with challenges… The question I would want to ask is how important do you think a mba degree is? Since I don’t have one it would be difficult for me to comment on this but am curious.

I shall blog about my experience soon… tilll then do drop in your views…