Wow year  2008 comes to an end in a couple of minutes. I really don’t remember much except work work and more work…

Highlights of this year are:

  • Buying my first car. The Lancer. It took me a while though to actually drive it myself
  • Attending Protos in delhi
  • Being a part of the organising committee for Barcamp Mumbai
  • Meeting Guy Kawasaki
  • Trip to Bangalore in July
  • Getting my bottle of Baileys irish cream and Malibu courtesy Sids & Narmada
  • And of course starting my Blog!

Come to think of it not much really happened 🙂 Anyways looking for 2009! i already know that 2009 is going to be a important year for my family and me…

I want to thank everyone who has come to this blog. My parents, my bro and who ever is up there looking after me… I am glad that i can see,  hear, talk, walk, feel and everything else…