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Terrorists attack Mumbai (Bombay) Nov 26th 2008 The Begining

Important Helpline Numbers of different hospitals, consulates, blood bank.

List of People Injured and Shot Dead by Terrorists in Mumbai

The terrorists have attacked the town area (south bombay) this time. Two of the best hotels Taj and Oberoi are where the terrorists have taken hostage and gunshots were fired. This has been a coordinated terrorist attack with terrorists have fired gunshots and thrown grenades at multiple places at the same time (CST station, Metro, Cama hospital, Mazegaon dockyard road).

Areas under attack:

  • Taj Hotel
  • Oberoi Hotel
  • Cama hospital
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Station
  • Girgaum Chowpatty
  • Vile Parle
  • Mazegaon
  • Juhu Marriott Hotel
  • Metro Adlabs
  • Leopold cafe @ Colaba

27th Nov 2008

Wondering why the TV cable connection to these hotel’s not cut off! Ok great news just in the TV cable connection has been cut off!

The terrorist had planned well and are extremely motivated and are out to cause damage. Around 40 hostages at trident. – Official comment by the Army + Navy officials

  • Atleast 101 dead and 300+ injured…
  • Blood needed at the hospitals
  • 16 policemen killed
  • BSE, NSE to remain closed today
  • Terrorists still holed up at Taj hotel, Oberoi hotel, Nariman house and Chabbda house.
  • Fire errupts again at Taj hotel rooftop. Fire brigades trying to put it off
  • Some hostages have been rescued from Taj hotel
  • Lashkar terrorists came directly from Karachi to Mumbai via sea route
  • Email sent out after the blasts traced to Russia
  • Commandos start firing at 4 terrorists holed up at Nariman house
  • Police use black smoke canisters to disable terrorist view
  • Terrorist tracking NSG moment on TV [DAMN]
  • 8Kg RDX found near Taj hotel!
  • Two top US Intelligence officers among those killed at Taj hotel
  • Top French Nuclear Physicist M George evacutaed from Taj hotel
  • Taj hotel eyewitness: People were shot at in the corridors
  • Bag found with cash near Taj hotel
  • NSG confirm use of RDX in the Taxi cab blast at Vile Parle
  • 7 British citizens injured and in hospital
  • One terrorist caught ALIVE by police!
  • Two member of parliament still trapped at Taj hotel
  • One terroritst Killed at Nariman house!
  • Blast at Oberoi [Trident] hotel
  • 300 Commandos enter Oberoi hotel
  • Greek millionaire shot dead at Taj hotel
  • Taj hotel crisis ends
  • 400 evacuted from Taj hotel since last night

As of 5:30pm NSG personnel are inside Oberoi-Trident hotel. There are gun shots being fired and blasts every few minutes. Each room is being checked by the Commandos. Its going to be a long procedure as there are 800 rooms at Taj hotel and 550 rooms at Oberoi-Trident.

A Polish hostage has just stepped out of Oberoi-Trident. News channels haunting him for sound bytes. He says tons of bodies on 16-17-18th floor!

Latest News feeds: From 20:00 hrs ist

  • Fire at Oberoi-Trident hotel on 13th-14th floor.
  • Taj hotel GM killed
  • New toll: 125 dead 327 Wounded
  • 1st round of search operation over at Taj hotel
  • Fire on 4th floor at Oberoi-Trident hotel
  • NSG Snipers open fire at at Oberoi-Trident hotel
  • Gunfire reported from the rooftop of Oberoi hotel
  • Terrorist lob a grenade at a fire engine outside Taj hotel
  • Blackout at Nariman house – Colaba
  • All terrorists at Taj hotel DEAD
  • Two ships suspected to have transported terrorists and motorboats.
  • Fresh fires at Taj hotel
  • Terrorist have set up a control room at Taj hotel and Oberoi-Trident hotel
  • Terrorist didnt fire randomly but targeted Key Police officials
  • Hostages freed from Nariman house [23:00hrs]
  • Coastguard to hand over the boat to Mumbai police. Boat belonged to Veeralal babubhai from Porbandar
  • GPS Satellite phones found on terrorists. Another phone with foreign SIM card found near Taj hotel
  • Terrorists hijacked fishing boards
  • All Terrorists in Taj hotel have been Eliminated! [23:25]
  • NSG sources say one injured terrorist still holed up at Taj hotel
  • More hostages rescued from Nariman House. 15-17 people are out of Nariman house now
  • 25 blasts at Taj hotel in last 24 hours
  • Fresh round of firing from Taj hotel’s far end