I ask a friend to buy the book “The art of the start” and send it to me. He was told that it was the last piece they had. phew!

I leave at 6:30pm for Oberoi. I reach and as usual i go to Trident and am told to take the stairs and blah blah to go to Oberoi.

At the reception i ask Trupti if she can connect me to Guy’s room as i wanted to get his autograph. She was sweet enough to connect me to his room but alas there was no reply. Thankfully I knew his partner’s name “William” and Trupti connected me to him. Told him that i had met Guy yest and told him i will be coming to the hotel for his autograph. He was kind enough to tell me that he will inform him and that he might be taking a nap…


So i kept the book at the reception and my wait started. Thanks to Netra i knew that he was checking out at around 8:30pm and Bingo around 8:45pm he was there to checkout.

I walked upto him and introduced myself again. Glad that he remembered. Got the autograph took a pic and left with a big smile on my face!

Guy Kawasaki & Kunal Sheth

Kunal Sheth & Guy Kawasaki

As i was leaving i checked what he had written… it read


Change the World!

G Kawasaki


Kunal, Change the World!

Kunal, Change the World!

A couple of years back on the same day the world did change 😛

I hope i can change it for better 😉