I wanted to register a .ly domain for a while now. But thanks to me being super lazy i lost the domain. So i had to settle for a .li extension.

For those who don’t know which country these domains belong to…

.ly is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Libya. Wiki link

.li is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Liechtenstein. Wiki Link

My hunt for a registrar started. I usually register domains with Indialinks or GoDaddy but none of these registered a .li domain. I asked aalaap and also did a google search and found a couple of sites like

Switch - Official Registrar for .li and .ch Domains

Switch - Official Registrar for .li and .ch Domains

The prices on all these sites varied from 16 USD at Netim to 100USD at 101domains. Luckily on the wiki page for .li Switch was mentioned as the official registrar… I was surprised that the price was not as high i had expected.

They had two options Switch Basic for 17CHF [15USD] and Switch Guard for 34CHF [30USD]. In 10 minutes i was able to register the domain and pay for it.

One thing which i would have liked was registering for multiple years. At the moment i noticed that max you could register was for 2 years on some sites.

Anyways it took me a couple of days but i think i got a good domain at a fantastic price!

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