Shachi… the most adventurous girl i have ever met! All of us would drop in at her place and play badminton and hog sandwhiches n puri aachar… Shes been there for me whenever i needed someone… Thank you Shachi..

Something i had written for her 7 years back!

There’s a girl called Shachi
shes tall and very pretty

Her hair are long and silky
which makes all the guy go crazy

She always does things her way
but never forgets to pray

I Wonder how time has gone by
11 years have flown by

Theres so much I would like to say
all the things you hv done for me
but I wish I had words flow my way

Just want to tell you one thing shach
I miss you very much

I Always pray
in my next life I hv a frnd n sis like thee
and you dont stay so far from me.