Happy Birthday Old Man!

4 Aug 2017 In: General, Startups

3 Years to make a post! I think i forget about the blog most of the times… Of my past goals, i did launch my first app GottaGo… and it feels good to get it out finally!

This year there are a couple of things i need to do…

  1. Go back to school! Yes the way the world is changing i need to adapt… Learning is going to be a big part this year…
  2. Launch my 2nd app YellowBus
  3. Travel
  4. Reconnect with people and start networking again

One of the best things to happen to me last year was a call from someone from the past… Someone i respect… I realized how ill equipped i was to move forth in today’s changing world… The reality check is what was needed… Am going to move out of this comfort zone which has been wrapped around me for the last couple of years… and o yeah i am scared!

Jr. is 3 years old and every bit of a brat i dreaded him to be… My bad… I need to spend a lot of quality time with him…

Till next year! Be Safe. Be Humble. Be Amazing.


Happy Birthday Mr. K!

4 Aug 2014 In: General

I have been lazy and how! Let’s see how the year was… Fantastic i should say…

I am a father now… Best thing to happen to me in a long time… I am being taught the art of being patient by Sheth Jr…

Except for the regular Bombay-Delhi trips i haven’t really traveled anywhere…

I did buy a few fancy domains (.mobi & .co) and i gave up on a few… Read the rest of this entry »

So my romance with exotic domains continues. First it was a .US domain. Which sadly i couldn’t register as one has to be a USA resident. O well i managed to get it anyways thanks to a friend…

Next  up on my list was an .at domain, top level domain (ccTLD) for Austria.

The hunt for a affordable registrar started. Looking at the prices on the various registrars and converting them in INR gave me a mini heart attack. The  range was as high as 72Euro to 7.99Euro! Some registrars allowed just one year of registration, which kinda sucks.

After going through a couple of registrars i finally narrowed down on eurodns.com. They have a offer running which gives you insane discount and an .at domain will set you back by just 7.99Euro. And to top it all it allows you to register it for upto 10 years!

Sadly my Visa card from two different banks didn’t work. I will have to call them and ask why. Luckily eurodns.com accepts American Express… and viola in less then 5 min i had registered my .at domain.

Some registrars you can check out

You can also get a list of .at registrars from here

If i had not got such a good offer i don’t think i would have gone ahead and bought the domain. A bit of research/patience helps… and as i have said it previously, nothing like owning a fantastic domain!

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To calculate price in your currency head here Price Converter


Some Food for your Brains

13 Oct 2011 In: Entrepreneur, Startups

I am going to start posting some awesome articles from various blogs/sites i visit…

Today’s piece is from Seth Godin’s blog… Enjoy

First Rice

Fledgling sushi chefs spend months (sometimes years) doing nothing but making the rice for the head chef.

If the rice isn’t right, it really doesn’t matter what else you do, you’re not going to be able to serve great sushi.

Most of the blogging and writing that goes on about marketing assumes that you already know how to make the rice. It assumes you understand copywriting and graphic design, that you’ve got experience in measuring direct response rates, that you’ve made hundreds of sales calls, have an innate empathy for what your customers want and think and that you know how to make a compelling case for what you believe.

Too often, we quickly jump ahead to the new thing, failing to get good enough at the important thing.